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NFL Free Agency 2013: Is John Abraham visiting the Titans?

Will he visit the team after his west coast tour? We shall see!

Scott Cunningham

According to PFT, the Titans would like to bring in recently released DE John Abraham for a visit. He's had a number of suitors from all over the league looking to bring him in for at least a visit. The 34 year old veteran pass rusher has had a very solid pro career that has seen him put up 122 sacks. However, injuries have caught up to him as of late.

Would he fit what the Titans are doing? I say no he doesn't. Abraham has had an excellent career for the Jets and Falcons but there's a reason why the Falcons released him. He was getting older and more injury prone along with being more expensive to keep. The Titans need to get younger on the defensive line even though a veteran presence like Abraham would do wonders for the younger ones. He just can't be guaranteed to keep his stellar level of play up forever, it's going to drop off for him eventually. The minor injuries are starting to take a toll as well since he was largely ineffective and neutralized with an ankle injury in the playoffs this past year. He's been a great player, no doubt, but there are far younger and cheaper options on the market for the Titans to look at. As the Titans have seen with the reunion tour with Jevon Kearse, once the legs go, it's all downhill from there.