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Panthers cut Chris Gamble, Should Titans take a look?

A long time veteran corner has been cut, should the Titans pounce on him?

Chris Gamble
Chris Gamble
Andy Lyons

Panthers announced they released CB Chris Gamble.

The Panthers have announced that the long time Panther cornerback Chris Gamble was being released today for salary cap reasons. They were one of the few teams that still had some cost cutting to do to get under the cap. Releasing Gamble allows them to get under the nearly $124 million cap rule.Gamble is the Panthers career leader in interceptions with 27.

Should the Titans take a look at the 29 year old Gamble? Yes they should. Compared to other corners on the market, he should be a cheap signing for some team looking for one. He would help take the load off of starters Jason McCourty and Alterraun Verner. A potential signing would allow Verner into the nickel role or Gamble could be placed in there depending on the package Jerry Gray wants to call. Another benefit would be that Coty Sensabaugh gets more time to develop and special teams headache Tommie Campbell's liability would be minimized. Gamble is one of the more unheralded corners since the Panthers have been maddeningly inconsistent for a number of years. Both Jerry Gray and Gregg Williams should be somewhat familiar with him as both of them have faced Gamble in the past on numerous occasions.