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Listen to Wednesday’s MCM Radio

All you need to know before Free Agency begins


On Wednesday night Danomite and I recorded another red hot edition of MCM Radio chocked full of callers, insider rumors and one host with a vicious head cold (thus the day delay in getting this post up). You probably won't find a more in-depth or entertaining preview of the upcoming free agency period anywhere on the Internets, so skip this episode at your own peril!

You can stream the entire episode through the BTR player below, or you can download it (and access our entire archive) as a podcast via iTunes.

Next Wednesday we'll cover the first few action-packed days of the open free agency market, most likely cover a few signings by our boys in blue and we're scheduled to be joined by a big time guest who'll be very familiar to anyone who listens to Nashville sports talk radio or the Titans' radio non-gameday broadcasts...

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