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Titans Free Agent Rumors: Andy Levitre a target?

Wyatt says the Titans will target Levitre. Jommy endorses that message.

Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE

We have spent many, many hours here talking about the Titans' desperate need to upgrade the interior offensive line. Jim Wyatt had some thoughts about what the Titans will do in free agency yesterday, and one of the things he suggested was that the Titans would target Andy Levitre of the Bills.

That is a move that I would support 100%. Levitre is a versatile guy that can play just about anywhere on the line. One of the knocks on Alabama's Chance Warmack is that he can only play guard. That is not the case with Levitre.

As Wyatt mentions, Fernando Velasco played well last year and will be back, but I am still not sure if they consider him a center or guard. Adding Levitre would give them a lot of flexibility in the middle of the line. They would be able to do some different things to find a combination that works.

There are going to be plenty of people that are interested in Levitre's services. Hopefully the Titans will be able to snag him at a reasonable price.