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Mike Wallace Rumors: Kuharsky says Titans won't chase him

PK with a little bit of cold water for those Wallace rumors.

Justin K. Aller

Yesterday we commented on the Peter King report that the Tennessee Titans were interested in pursuing free agent wide receiver Mike Wallace, and I told you at the time that King has been known to miss on reports when it comes to the Titans. This morning Paul Kuharsky has a blog post saying that he doesn't think the Titans will pursue Wallace. I tend to side with Kuharksy here for a couple of reasons:

1. He has better knowledge of the Titans than King does. He isn't a beat writer for the Titans anymore, but he still has really good sources at Baptist Sports Park.

2. As Kuharsky points out in the article, Wallace doesn't fit what the Titans are talking about doing this season with the short passing game. You are wasting that guy if you are going to bring him in to run a bunch of short routes.

Kuharksy also makes an excellent point about high-priced receivers not panning out with their second team. I don't have to tell you about the Titans history with those guys.

So maybe we should cool our jets a little bit on the Wallace front, but it is exciting to see that the Titans will be getting in the mix for some guys early in free agency this year.

Personally, for a lot of the reasons listed above, I think it would be a mistake for the Titans to go after Wallace. They do need help at receiver, but there are plenty of other areas that need to be improved first. Go get a guard (or two), a tight end and some depth at defensive end first. Then find a possession receiver that is going to fit the scheme you want to run.