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SURPRISE!!! Pick a team...any team!

Time to kick off the 2013 MCM Mock Draft

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

So it's time for the annual Music City Miracles Mock Draft and we thought what better way to piss everybody off (besides letting Noles riff on the status of the franchise) was to surprise everyone with the team picking post.

So here is how it is going down. Below you will find the draft order for 2013. We will tentatively plan on doing two rounds...but that is going to depend on how fast people respond when they are on the clock. That being said, please don't sign up if you don't really want to play.

Also, please make sure the email address on your profile is correct because that is how I am going to get in touch with you. Be prepared to submit a paragraph or so on why the pick makes sense, so do some research!

Ready? Go! First comment that appears in my browser choosing a team gets that team. I will respond and let you know you got it. The contributors are going to let non-contributors pick first and then we will fill in any holes if we have any.

2013 NFL Draft Order

  1. Kansas City Chiefs - HawksBaseball2
  2. Jacksonville Jaguars - trevor2013
  3. Oakland Raiders - jmac1383
  4. Philadelphia Eagles - Dogface431
  5. Detroit Lions - Ice0ne (CAJ)
  6. Cleveland Browns - alijeal
  7. Arizona Cardinals - RedCzar
  8. Buffalo Bills - abeck31
  9. New York Jets - DynamicDreadlocks
  10. Tennessee Titans - crazylegs28
  11. San Diego Chargers - SoCalTitan
  12. Miami Dolphins - rustyf13
  13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - jv1222
  14. Carolina Panthers - nashvilleman
  15. New Orleans Saints - PVSam
  16. St Louis Rams - StPrattrick
  17. Pittsburgh Steelers - luvyatits
  18. Dallas Cowboys - brian.olson.3762
  19. New York Giants - MangieOne
  20. Chicago Bears - TitansFirefighter
  21. Cincinnati Bengals - infinitystealth
  22. St Louis Rams - StPrattrick
  23. Minnesota Vikings - titansfan82
  24. Indianapolis Colts - Deaconbrodie
  25. Seattle Seahawks - Jason Jones
  26. Green Bay Packers - jerlindsey
  27. Houston Texans - freebird.titan
  28. Denver Broncos - SoMissTitansFan
  29. New England Patriots - Adam's_Bud
  30. Atlanta Falcons - XAGMNINETY
  31. San Francisco 49ers - ronburgundy7427
  32. Ratbirds - WelshTitan

The Redskins do not pick until the second round