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2013 NFL Free Agency: Would Dante Rosario fit the Titans needs?

A familiar face, who had 38% of his career touchdowns in one game against the Titans, set to hit the free agent market next week.

A Titans defender in the same zip code with a tight end? Shocking isn't it?
A Titans defender in the same zip code with a tight end? Shocking isn't it?
Harry How

With the increasing odds that the Titans won't see Jared Cook on the 2013-14 payroll by the passing day, it's high time for the team get a relatively young veteran that can help for a fraction of what Cook will likely ask for. Rosario would present such an ideal opportunity cost for the Titans to utilize.


  • A cheap contract - Rosario isn't expected to ask for much in a new contract as he's been bouncing around the league due to teams not giving him a fair shot. In Carolina, he was supplanted by Jeremy Shockey for the 2011 season. He was relegated to third string duties in San Diego as potential Hall of Fame tight end Antonio Gates and long time veteran Randy McMichael for 2012. The Titans can bring him in to compete with Taylor Thompson and Craig Stevens for a bargain basement price.
  • He's only 28 years old - It's not like he would be the next Daniel Graham, who was in the twilight of his career when he landed in Nashville. At 28, there's still some years left on him that can be rescued by George Henshaw and company. He can help mentor the aforementioned Thompson for another year or so and allows the team to bring him along slowly.
  • An utility player - Rosario has shown that he can play a variety of positions, albeit most of it in college. He played halfback, tight end, and fullback along with some special teams while at Oregon. Dowell Loggains might want to use him in a James Casey type role for certain packages.


  • Lack of production - The lack of production given his roster issues is somewhat of a minor concern as there were good veterans ahead of him at every stop. It's a tiny problem but understandable given the circumstances. There's not a lot of tight ends who can overtake Jeremy Shockey and Antonio Gates when they were in their primes.

The verdict:

Would I sign him? Yes I would especially if his contract demands are low as expected (not that the Titans have cap issues but hey, every penny you can save counts for something). He can come in and compete with Thompson and Stevens for a spot on the roster. Rosario would provide a reliable safety valve for Jake Locker and doesn't have worn tires after sitting for so long. I liken it to a Michael Turner to the Falcons situation, a perennial backup just waiting for a fair shake by some team. Besides, on the bright side, Rosario presents the old NFL adage, if you can't beat him, sign him.