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Titans Free Agency: Fred Davis as the next Jared Cook

Davis has always been an intriguing prospect, but injuries and substance abuse issues make him a risky investment.

Patrick Smith

Apparently there are more of the high potential, low production tight ends in the NFL than I realized. Take a look at Fred Davis. I knew he had underachieved because I seem to end up with him on at least one fantasy football every season because he is always a sleeper, but I didn't realize how bad his numbers really are. He did have a 59 catch season two years ago, but for the most part, his numbers are really bad.

Couple that with the substance abuse and injury issues, and he is an extremely high risk for any team that might want to sign him.

I asked Kevin Ewoldt of Hogs Haven about his earlier today, and here is what he had to say:

Fred Davis is an unrestricted free agent. The Redskins did not use the franchise tag on him again given he is coming off an injury and still has the failed drug test against him. If he fails another test, it's an automatic one year suspension. No one sees that happening, but putting everything together, especially with the Redskins being in the $18 million salary cap penalty, the Redskins can do nothing more than make a low ball offer. It's anyone's guess how he'll recover from the Achilles injury but he was cleared for more activities recently. Davis was the Redskins most targeted WR before his injury and is very well rounded as a TE: decent blocking, good hands, and above average speed.

Davis would be an interesting option on a one-year deal with little to no guaranteed money and a lot of incentives, but I sure wouldn't invest any more than that in him.