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Titans Free Agency: Dennis Pitta isn't walking through that door

Pitta might be the most attractive potential tight end free agent, but he will also be the most expensive.

Rob Carr

Yesterday when Jim Wyatt broke the news that the Titans would not be using the franchise tag on Jared Cook, my first thought was that the Titans should go after Dennis Pitta. I had heard Pitta's name mentioned as a potential free agent, but honestly didn't pay that much attention because I was close to 100% sure that Cook was going to be back.

Pitta is a free agent, but he is a restricted free agent, which means the Ravens can put a draft pick tender on him. My guess is that they will use at least a second round tender and could even go as high as a one. It is unlikely that any team is going to be willing to give up that high of a pick and spend the money to sign Pitta.

I asked Bruce from Baltimore Beatdown what he thought the odds were that Pitta would be back with Ravens next season:

Pitta is not going anywhere. Hopefully the Ravens work out a deal, as he is Flacco's best friend on the team and his go-to target other than Boldin. Since he is an RFA, the worst case scenario is that the team tenders him. Perhaps Dickson will be available and while he hasn't done as well as Dennis, he, also a RFA (doubt they tender both TE's), is more athletic but his hands are not as good.

So while the addition of Pitta would be nice, the price for another team to get him is too high.