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Chiefs Sign Dwayne Bowe: What It Means For The Titans

The only true stud pass catcher in the 2013 FA class is off the market... now what?

Joe Robbins

The Titans are heading into free agency with money to burn and a lack of playmakers on the roster, but now one of the most coveted free agent prizes is off the market before it even opened. Today th Kansas City Chiefs announced that they've signed Bowe to a long-term deal (I haven't been able to find reliable details yet on salary or years).

Of course there's no guarantee that the Titans would have made the commitment needed to sign Bowe, but with the departure of Jared Cook would have surely made the big, burly playmaking pass catcher a more attractive option. Now, the Titans' FO will likely focus even more on premier free agents at other positions on that first day or two because, frankly, the talent drop-off at WR this year after Bowe is pretty significant... especially for what we need.