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Tennessee Titans will not place franchise tag on Jared Cook

Cook will hit the open market and likely be in a different uniform in 2013.

Andy Lyons

Jim Wyatt just tweeted that the Tennessee Titans have decided that they will not place the franchise tag on Jared Cook. Wyatt tweeted earlier today that the Titans and Cook had reached an impasse on a long-term deal. That means Cook will hit the open market and will likely be playing for a different team in 2013. There is going to be a team out there that is willing to give him way too much money.

This is a bit of a surprise, but the more people started to talk about Cook challenging his designation as a tight end, the more likely it became that they were not going to place the tag on him.

Wyatt also said that the Titans will not tag anyone this year. That is not a surprise because the only guy that would even be worth consideration is Rob Bironas, but they don't seem that desperate to keep him on the roster.