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NFL Draft 2013: Ezekial Ansah "didn't train for the combine"

It is really funny how things get blown out of proportion this time of year.


The Twitter world has been abuzz this morning with news that Ezekial "Ziggy" Ansah "didn't train" for the NFL combine. The report comes from Dan Pompei of NFP in his Sunday Blitz column. A couple of things to note from that column:

It doesn't say that he didn't train. It says that he didn't hire an outside trainer to work with leading up to the combine because he was still attending classes at BYU. That means that he probably just continued to work with the same training staff that he has been working with since he started school there. I can't find anything wrong with that.

A lot of people are also making a big deal about how the 40 that he ran at the combine was the first one of his life. That, also, is not a big deal considering he was a sprinter on the track team before he ever played football. So while most guys need to learn to sprint for the their 40 yard dashes because they are football players not sprinters, Ansah was exactly the opposite of that.

One of the more ridiculous ideas this has brought up is that Ansah doesn't love football because he wasn't willing to train "for the biggest test of his life." First of all, Ziggy aced the test, so who cares what he did to prepare?

Secondly, maybe the kid is just committed to getting an education now and will be all in on football when that is over.

It seems silly to speculate anything else at this point.