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NFL Free Agency 2013: Titans have 3 players on Silva's overpaid list

The Titans signed three of the top fifteen overpaid free agents according to Evan Silva. Most Titans' fans though they would never live to see the day.

Jim Rogash

The Titans, for the last few days, have stayed out of the early stages of free agency so they didn't "overpay" for players. If I had a nickel for every time I heard Mike Reinfeldt say something about letting the market settle, I would have about $3.10.

Clearly the Titans took a different approach in this season. They identified holes on their roster and went out and got players to fill those holes- with that comes "overpaying" for players. Evan Silva has released his list of the most overpaid players in 2013 free agency, and the Titans have three players on the list (take that all you people who have complained and complained about Bud Adams being cheap!).

Delanie Walker is #4 on the list. There is no doubt that all of the things Silva says about his numbers are true, but Walker had limited opportunities in San Francisco where he was playing behind Vernon Davis. That doesn't make up for the drops, but drops are all about concentration, and his concentration should be better when he is more involved in the offense. /maybejustwishfulthinking

Shonn Greene is #7 on the list. Let's be clear here, I am not a huge fan of the Greene signing, but the statement Silva makes that Green will not help the Titans just isn't true. He is a better pass catcher, better pass blocker and a million times better at picking up short yardage than Chris Johnson. Is that worth the money they gave him? No, but it does help the team.

Andy Levitre comes in at #12. Sure, they gave him a lot of money for a guard, but if there was ever a team that needed to "overpay" for a guard, it is this Titans team.

Also, the fact that Jared Cook isn't on this list is ridiculous. I know Silva loves Cook, he said it on MCM Radio last year, but if you are looking at players who got money that their production doesn't justify, Cook HAS to be on that list. The potential is there, sure, but at this point it is nothing more than potential.