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2013 NFL Draft: Texas S Kenny Vaccaro to Workout for Titans

Could the Titans have interest in another Texas safety?


<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Texas safety Kenny Vaccaro said last private workout is tomorrow with <a href="">#Titans</a>. Only other was last week with <a href="">#Cowboys</a>.</p>&mdash; Brandon George (@dmn_george) <a href="">March 26, 2013</a></blockquote>
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According to the Dallas Morning News, Texas S Kenny Vaccaro will hold his last private workout with the Titans. Vaccaro is a busy man this week with the Longhorns Pro Day being held earlier today and the workout tomorrow. Vaccaro reportedly had a good pro day to solidify his first round grade. Also of note, he reportedly injured his hip during last week's workout with the Cowboys.

Could the Titans be interested in the Longhorns safety enough to take him with the 10th overall pick? It's certainly possible but it could be just a typical smokescreen workout teams use this time of year. Would I be surprised by the pick? Yes given the level of activity by this front office in regards to the safety position during free agency. Would I endorse the move? Yes I would despite some reservations about the Titans' lackluster history with the previous Texas product Michael Griffin. Kenny Vaccaro, while not in the class of a Eric Berry or even Mark Barron, is arguably the best safety in this year's class. He was the one of the few Longhorns defenders that played well against the high powered West Virginia attack and shut down Texas A&M's Ryan Swope. Drafting Vaccaro would likely mean the end of the line for Markelle Martin and the lesser talents at safety still on the roster.