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2013 NFL Free Agency: Final grade for the Titans

How did the Titans do in free agency?


The Titans might still have a move or two left in them, but they are done with the major moves at this point. I love that they went after it this free agency period. They were able to address most of their needs, and it will really free them up to draft whoever they want in next month's draft.

This camp is also going to be the first one in a while where there has been legitimate competition for starting spots. They have had "camp battles" the last couple of years, but they have always been more about a back-up spot or the last roster spot.

I would have really liked to see them add one of the veteran pass rushers, but it doesn't appear that is going to happen at this point.

They still get a B+ from me. They would have gotten an A if they added that pass rusher, but still a solid effort.