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Titans Free Agency: Is DE Lawrence Jackson a Titans Target?

Should the Titans venture up north and raid the Lions once more?

A familiar sight for Bears fans. Jay Cutler running for his life
A familiar sight for Bears fans. Jay Cutler running for his life
Gregory Shamus

Should the Titans target defensive end Lawrence Jackson? Yes they should. He fits what the Titans are looking for in a defensive end in terms of size (6'5 261) and still is relatively young (2013 will be his age 28 season). Jackson is a proven run stopper and graded out pretty good in pass rushing metrics across the board during his three year Detroit tenure.

Another positive sign for a potential Jackson signing is that Ruston Webster should be very familiar with him as both were in Seattle around the same time. He didn't get much playing time in Detroit due to the presence of now Seahawk Cliff Avril and former Titan Kyle Vanden Bosch and like recent Titans signee Sammie Lee Hill, could blossom given more reps.

Jackson should be a cheap signing due to the saturation of the defensive end free agency market and upcoming draft class. It seems like most of the defensive end signings this year have been one year gambles, I don't see why Jackson couldn't do the same. The Lions seemingly have no interest in bringing him back even with their need for ends. The Titans should strike at the Lions negligent omission and sign Jackson for a good price, instead of chasing after over the hill veterans such as Osi U, John Abraham, and Dwight Freeney.