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MCM Radio: One Week Gone, One Month Out

Recapping Free Agency, rules changes, the draft and more live tonight at 9:00 Central!

Harry How

As the free agency fireworks start to slow down after a torrid start, what better place to turn than tonight's MCM Radio for a deep-dive recap? Danomite and I will take to the Internet airwaves tonight at 9:00 central to record a new episode, and we'll have tons of analysis, whispers and thoughts on the Titans' spending spree, the new rule changes coming out of the owner's meeting and next month's draft bonanza in light of recent Pro Day performances.

There's no special guest on tap as of yet, so we'll have lots of space for you folks to call in and join us. The call-in segments just keep getting better and better as you beautiful minds drop your bashfulness and join in the fun.

One change this week we'd like to see moving forward: when I bring you on the air, be sure to give your MCM commenter (if you have one) name along with your real name (if you wish). That'll make it easier for everyone to keep track of who to give props to in the live chat.

You can listen in live and join the chat by clicking here. If you can't make the live show, you can always download the show as a podcast via iTunes minutes after the show ends, or you can stream it live on the BTR page.

As always, I'll also post a recap article with the live streaming app tomorrow morning here on MCM. We highly encourage you to catch the stream or the podcast version each week to get our exclusive post-show segment that continues after the live feed ends.

If you enjoy MCM Radio and want to help keep it growing and improving, we'd love for you to donate at our PayPal account, Even the smallest bit helps, and every cent will go to the show. We don't profit at all from MCM Radio, we just want to make this a bigger, badder experience for you loyal folks who send us so much love.