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State of the Titans roster: Tight end

The position with the most unanswered questions.

Matt Sullivan

TBD might be the best term to fit the state of the tight ends on this roster. It has long been assumed that the Titans would franchise Jared Cook. Now that there is a chance that there are rumors floating around that he might want to/could be franchised as a wide receiver, that is no longer a slam dunk. The difference is about $4 million towards the Titans cap.

Is he worth it? That was pretty heavily debated yesterday, and after re-thinking my position, I think that the Titans should let him walk if they have to franchise him as a receiver. He really isn't worth the money that would take, and as several of you pointed out, there are other ways they could use that money.

If he does walk, the Titans will have a need at tight end. They do have Craig Stevens who is a solid all-around tight end. He is an above average blocker and an underrated receiver, but he also isn't a guy that is going to keep opposing defensive coordinators up at night.

Then there is Taylor Thompson. He was sold as a project who could end up being the next Jimmy Graham. We did learn in his rookie season that he can lay the wood,

: Thompsonlaysthewood_medium

but his passing catching skills leave a lot to be desired. They drafted him to take Cook's place whenever the time came where they had to give Jared a long-term deal or let him walk, and it looks like that time might be now. TT better take some huge strides forward in 2013.