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Pre-Draft NFL power rankings

ESPN has released some offseason power rankings.


ESPN has released some pre-draft power rankings. While the only thing more worthless than power rankings during the season is offseason power rankings, it is still something that is interesting to discuss. ESPN currently has the Titans ranked 27th with this hard-hitting analysis:

The Titans needed to be aggressive in free agency. Mike Munchak has to win or else.

I don't have a problem with the Titans being ranked that low. They were terrible last year, and while they have done some things to upgrade the team this offseason, they still have a lot to prove before they deserve to get respect from anyone.

However, ranking the Browns ahead of them is a traveshamockery.

It is also interesting that they have the two-win Chiefs all the way up at #24. Andy Reid gets a lot of love in the media- too bad his quarterback is still Alex Smith.

So what do you think, is that about right for the Titans?