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Tennessee Titans News Links: Goodbye Dear Friend

Your daily serving of Titans' links!

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Bob Levey

My apologies that there are not many links today. Even with the cutting of the ever classy Matt Hasselbeck. I like how he was very professional and gracious in everything that happened, including losing the starting job to Jake Locker.

Now that we cut Hasselbeck, Ryan Fitzpatrick has been signed as the backup for the next two years and to push Jake more than Hass could at this stage in his career.

USA Today gave us a B for our FA so far. I still would give us an A.

The compensatory picks are out now and the Titans have 3.

Here's a breakdown of all of our picks in the upcoming draft.

The Colts came in quickly and picked up Hass to backup Luck. I thought this was really interesting and a good pickup. It'll be good for Luck to have a solid vet presence behind him.

Quote of the day: "Don't cry because its over, smile because it happened."