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NFL free agent list: Elvis Dumervil tops best available players

The first and second waves of free agency are over, but there are still plenty of good players available.

Christian Petersen

The NFL free agent signing period is now almost a week old. While most of the top available players have been signed by teams, there are still quite a few good players out there- including a couple of guys that could really help the Titans.

Obviously Elvis Dumervil is at the top of that list. It has been reported that the Titans are interested, but I haven't seen anything from any of the local guys to confirm that. Ruston Webster would have to clear a little bit of cap room before Dumervil could be signed, but as we have discussed, there are a couple of pretty easy places to get that done.

SB Nation has a list of the top available free agents here. You can also see a list from Evan Silva here.

You will notice that both lists still have quite a few defensive ends and defensive backs at the top. Those are two needs the Titans still have, so don't be surprised if they aren't quite done with the moves.