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Did Free Agency Increase Kenny Vaccaro's Chances of Being a Titan?

Free agency has filled some needs and lessened others. Will the Titans target a safety now?


Free agency has been getting all the headlines this week as some great players found new homes. I figured I'd take this opportunity to discuss how the Titans' moves have affected their draft strategy, but more specifically to talk briefly about Kenny Vaccaro.

Chance Warmack was the guy most pundits had going to the Titans with the tenth selection before free agency. Some still believe that Warmack (or Cooper) will be putting on Columbia blue on draft day. If that doesn't happen, what other positions will the TItans look to fill? Defensive end is the sexy choice at that spot, with a potential star like Mingo or Ansah coming in as the designated pass rusher specialist. Perhaps a WR, but I doubt they find any of the top ones worthy of the 10th pick. Linebacker's a possibility but again we run into a similar problem in that there isn't a top 10 'backer there.

That leaves two positions that would still be considered needs: cornerback and safety (excluding DE from above). Dee Milliner has some devoted fans at MCM but he may or may not be there at 10. Now we're down to safety. If you had asked me last week I would've said this team had way too many holes to consider selecting a safety. However, I listened to Path to the Draft this week and heard that some scouts feel Vaccaro might be able to play corner (at least for a limited time).

Would the Titans be interested in a Texas safety who could convert to corner too? That sounds eerily familiar...

This actually makes some sense though. I've read that Vaccaro's dropped down into the slot to cover receivers, and it just so happens the Titans kicked the tires on some corners and safeties this week. We also know Jerry Gray and Gregg Williams are going to want to use three safeties in the Ruby package. I'm not yet sold on Kenny Vaccaro, but that isn't important to this post. The question I want to pose to MCM is not "is Vaccaro worthy of the 10th pick?" since we all have our separate views on him, but rather "did our odds of selecting him change due to our free agent acquisitions?"