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NFL Mock Draft 2103: Seven rounds for the Titans

A look at DraftTek's latest simulation after the Titans' free agent signings.

Scott Cunningham

The one interesting thing that Draft Tek does is updates it's mock every day during free agency because it is a computer generated model. However, they have Geno Smith going in the second round right now. That is just stupid.

Here is what they currently have for the Titans in all seven rounds:

1st rd- Ezekiel Ansah, DE, BYU

I see why this pairing makes sense on a position/needs basis, but I can't see Ruston Webster taking a project type guy with this pick in a year where he needs to win.

2nd rd- Barrett Jones, G/C, Alabama

Be still my beating heart... Jones is a guy that some "draft guys" don't like because he doesn't have the combination of size and speed that they want, but that guy is going to be a solid NFL offensive lineman for a decade. He would also give the Titans a lot of flexibility in the middle of the line with two guys that could play center and guard.

3rd rd- Chris Faulk, OT, LSU

4th rd- B.W. Webb, CB, William & Mary

5th rd- Joseph Randle, RB, Oklahoma State

7th rd- Philip Lutzenkirchen, TE, Auburn