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NFL Free Agency 2013: Titans finally properly evaluating roster

Thumbs up, Ruston Webster.


The 2012 Titans were absolutely, positively awful. Their regular stats and advanced stats were ugly.

While that may depress you, there is a big positive to come out of that mess right now: the guys in charge recognize just how awful it was too. See, the worst thing would have been for them to stick to the status quo and still believe they were on the right track. We could be sitting here listening to a bunch of talk about how they are confident with their players, that they like their roster, and on and on. And it would be terrible.

However, Webster and company didn't sit on their hands this week. They've been all over the place, nabbing the top-rated offensive lineman and a bunch of other solid players. For the first time in a long time, the Titans organization was able to correctly assess their biggest weaknesses AND actively try to remedy the issue.

Let's start with the big signing. Andy Levitre is bringing his blocking to Nashville and immediately fills the biggest hole on the Titans roster. The jump from Levitre from [any current interior OL on the roster] is huge. People can debate how the contract will relate to his performance, but there is not a single other move this team could have made that will improve our roster that much. Our line is now one of the best in the league again, and its been a few years since we could make that claim. Suddenly, the two skill players we've invested so heavily in are being given the best possible opportunity to succeed.

One of my whipping boys around here was Jared Cook. All the potential in the world and the measurables to have coaches salivating over schemes. The performance just wasn't there though in his four years here, and thankfully, our front office was able to understand that. We had plenty of cap space and it would have been easily just to cave to Cook's demands, give him a 10 million dollar franchise tag and hope that this was the year he finally broke out. Webster opted not to. This is a clear example of the team looking at their player, estimating that the money and performance wouldn't line up and landed a cheaper player that may provide more to the team.

Next up we have the Sammie Lee Hill signing. Once again, this just another move that makes sense. Let go of one DT, fill the hole with another - one that's even better. Marks is still unsigned as of writing this while Hill is going to be getting a lot of playing time in our rotations.

Finally we get to Shonn Greene. This one is a little more confusing. I'm a little surprised we gave out that much money for a second string RB, but there is no doubt that the depth chart at running back was paper-thin. With Javon Ringer injured and hitting free agency and Jamie Harper, you know, sucking, there was a need for a Chris Johnson backup.

Recognizing and filling needs is obviously crucial to any team. Throw in the George Wilson signing and this team has been able to revamp a lot of their roster already. That was exactly what we needed.