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Wes Welker signs with the Broncos; Were the Titans in the mix?

Wes Welker signed with the Broncos yesterday, but it has been reported that the Titans at least kicked the proverbial tires.

J. Meric

Adam Schefter tweeted this morning that one of the teams vying for Wes Welker's services was the Tennessee Titans. That came as a little bit of a surprise to me, but it shouldn't because he was one of the top receivers on the market and would fit perfectly in the new short passing game scheme. As everyone else has said that has commented on this report, it is not tough to understand why Welker chose Denver over Tennessee.

Here is part of what Jim Wyatt had to say about the Titans interest:

It’s my understanding the Titans were interested (who wouldn’t be?), and relayed that to Welker’s representatives. A contract range was briefly discussed, and they were in the ballpark. It was a competitive offer.

We talked a lot about the Titans being more active in free agency, but it is mind boggling to me how much they have done/tried to do. I have no doubt that the former regime would have passed on even talking to Welker's people.

Hopefully all of the moves they have made pay off on the field this fall.