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Tennessee Titans News Links: Bringing Back the Physicality


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Team Bonding
Team Bonding
The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE

Shonn Greene does a "One-on-One" interview with Mike Keith. He talks about bringing back physicality to this franchise, which is exactly what I think they did with the past two days moves.

Missed yesterday's press conference? Here's the entirety of it from Sammie Hill is a big guy. That is all.

Ruston Webster talksabout the Titans' signings thus far. When asked if this would be it for FA signings, he said, "we're never finished."

Andy Levitre talks about how it he chose the Titans and how having 2 HOF coaches was a factor.

Here's a brief piece on Levitre, with a quote from Webster about him.

Shonn Greene is excited to join "CJ's backfield".

Delanie Walker wore a hat inside BSP, breaking team rules already. Seems like we've already got another bad character guy. Just kidding, but seriously apparently that is a rule.

A name announcers will have trouble with, Moise Fokou signed with the Titans yesterday as well.

We also signed Sammie Hill yesterday. He is a big body that should pair with Casey. Some analysts think he could be the biggest steal of FA.

The FA's left in the AFC South include Sen'Derrick Marks, who surely won't be back with the team next year.

The newest Titans were all contacted by us before any other team and kept the pedal to the metal through the process. We came, we saw, we conquered.

Shonn Greene will face a reduced workload, where Sammie Hill, out from under the shadow of Fairley and Suh will get a chance to shine in a rotation that should get him plenty of snaps.

What's next? Brandon Gibson will visit, and the Titans will look to get a bulkier DE, depth in the secondary and look at WRs.

Quote of the Day: "You want something. Go get it. Period." -Pursuit of Happyness