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Titans WR Nate Washington prefers to be released

Nate Washington heard the rumors about the Titans shopping him, and he wants to take his ball and go home- allegedly.

Wesley Hitt

I hate to say this, but I am a prophet. I said in last night's free agency recap that the Titans better make something happen with Nate Washington once it got out that they were shopping him because he has had thin skin in the past (like the time he yelled at a fan during a training camp practice).

Terry McCormick said tonight that a source with knowledge of the situation said that Washington would prefer his release instead.

This puts the Titans in an interesting situation. Washington is now unhappy. They could just not care and tell him they are going to pay him millions to play football next year so suck it up and get out there, or if they really don't think they need him, they could just go ahead and release him.

It is confusing to me why this sudden turn in regards to Washington considering he has been the team's most consistent receiver for the past two years, but here we are.