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Titans Agree To Terms With RB Shonn Greene

The Titans made good on their promise to get CJ a better back-up

Jim McIsaac

The Titans landed yet another good free agency signing by adding Shonn Greene to the backfield as a change of pace for Chris Johnson. Greene had a largely disappointing tenure in New York, where he was never able to become the premier back many expected him to be after a great end to his rookie season. However, he's still a young-ish guy who can use his compact, well-built body to pound the rock between the tackles and take some of the dirty work off of CJ's plate. Landing Greene at such an affordable price is just the latest in a serious of moves I love by Webster and crew so far in free agency.

Hopefully Greene's rugged style and excellent 3rd and short success rate will keep CJ rested and ready to break more of those explosive runs he's getting paid for. Add this move to our massively upgraded O-line, and the Titans look poised to give Locker the kind of running attack he needs to keep teams honest as he grows into our franchise QB.

Now all we have to do is snag Zac Stacey at a good spot in the draft to move on from Jamie Harper and field a RB corps that'll be set up for success for years to come!