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Titans free agency rumors: Former Cowboys safety Gerald Sensabaugh on the radar

The Titans still need to add some depth at the safety position. Could Gerald Sensabaugh be a guy they will target?

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

That report is from Calvin Watkins of ESPN Dallas. I asked Dave Halprin from Blogging the Boys about Sensabaugh, and he basically said he is a solid player that has played both free and strong safety for the Cowboys. Halprin said that, in his opinion, Sensabaugh is better as an in the box safety than a back end guy.

The Titans do need depth at the safety position, but it sounds to me like Sensabaugh is pretty similar to what the Titans have with the signing of George Wilson. If they are looking to build depth at the position, it would be a better idea to draft one of those second round safeties to develop behind Wilson than add another veteran.

The only veteran safety I want them to sign is one that can replace Michael Griffin.

Sensabaugh does a have a couple of Titans connections: He played for Brett Maxie in Dallas, and he is the cousin of current Titans cornerback Coty Sensabaugh- for what that is worth.