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Shonn Greene to visit the Titans

The Titans are bringing in veteran running back Shonn Greene for a visit.

Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE

Shonn Greene, the man who has been projected to be a star every year but has never been, is scheduled to visit the Titans today. In theory Greene is a good compliment to Chris Johnson, but I have to agree with Kuharsky here:

Running backs are growing on trees these days. There is no reason to pay a guy in free agency when you can spend a mid-round pick and get a guy that can be better for cheaper.

With that being said, Gunnels makes a good point here:

However, I don't think the fact that the Titans have swung and missed on running backs in the past is a reason to sign Greene. Ruston Webster has never drafted a back for this team. Maybe he has the magic touch....