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Titans free agency updates: Andy Levitre, Jared Cook, Delanie Walker

The first day of NFL free agency has come and gone, and in a huge change from years past, the Titans were extremely active.

Ezra Shaw

We had been speculating for some time now that the Titans were going to make a splash in free agency this year, and boy have they so far. It has been a whirlwind of events and posts today at MCM. Here is a bit of a recap:

Titans Sign Andy Levitre

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

It has been no secret since the legal tampering period that the Titans were going to go all in on Levitre. This team is desperate for help in the interior of the offensive line, and it made sense for them to get the best guard on the market- even if they had to slightly overpay.

Delanie Walker is the second acquisition of the day

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

I wasn't sure what the reaction to the Walker acquisition was going to be, but the word versatile was thrown around a lot when people described him on Twitter. That is a very important word in today's NFL.

Cookie is reunited with Jeff Fisher


Don Peak-USA Today Sports

Again, no surprise here. Fisher gave up too much to get Cook the second time, and it never really paid off for him. Is the second time a charm?

Nate Washington is on the trading block


Kevin Hoffman-USA Today Sports

Washington has become a favorite of mine in the last two years. It would be tough to see him go, but it appears that the Titans are poised to move in a different direction. There is no imminent news on the front, but now that the report is out there they better make it happen. Washington has been known to have thin skin in the past.

All of that, and the Titans are expected to sign Sammie Lee Hill when he visits tomorrow.

They are also expected to talk with Danny Amendola and Moise Fokou.

That was the craziest first day of free agency in Titans history. I cannot wait to see what day two brings.


********** UPDATE (by August West):

Our Titans made one more update that caps such an amazing day:

Bringing back Quinn Johnson?