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2013 NFL Free Agency: Day 1 Defense Recap

Like Zach Brown said today, defense wins championships

Will Asomugha be a Titan?
Will Asomugha be a Titan?

After a furious opening few hours of free agency, the dust has settled down a bit. The day was ruled by the offense signing a majority of the deals handed out today. The defense, while not highly coveted names had a few of the more notable transactions. Here are several of the highly publicized ones that were confirmed.

Philadelphia releases CB Nnamdi Asomugha

- It was to be expected that Asomugha would be cut on the first day of free agency due to age and regression. He still has a little bit left in the tank and should be signed for cheap considering all the factors of his untimely regression. Should the Titans look at him? Only if the price is right. Asomugha really struggled in the Eagles' man heavy schemes and could be fit for the Titans' predominant zone scheme.

Pittsburgh re-signs ILB Larry Foote

- The Steelers bring back one of their long time veterans in Foote. He's had a solid career with them as the unheralded guy who does the dirty work so LaMarr Woodley and Lawrence Timmons can get the headlines.

Cincinnati re-signs DE Robert Geathers (3 years $9.5 million)

- Geathers has had a solid career with the Bengals. He benefits from having a great defensive line with the likes of breakout star Geno Atkins and Michael Johnson playing beside him to take pressure away from him. Having Mike Zimmer, one of the best DCs in all of football helps too.

Cleveland signs OLB Paul Kruger (5 years $40 million)

- This was one of the worst kept secrets throughout the mismanaged "sanctioned tampering" weekend. I'm wary of paying Kruger this kind of money after posting 9 sacks in what seems like a 1 hit wonder type of year. Keep in mind that he only posted 1 sack without the benefit of Terrell Suggs on the field. That's a major red flag.

Miami signs ILB Dannell Ellerbe (5 years $35 million)

- The Ravens have lost another crucial piece to their Super Bowl winning team in Ellerbe. He was slated to become Ray Lewis' heir apparent before bolting to the Fish. I don't get what the Phins are trying to do, Ellerbe was a luxury signing not filling a need. They overpaid for him.

Baltimore signs DL Chris Canty (3 years $8 million)

- All is not lost for the Ravens, however. They recover nicely with the Canty signing on such a cheap deal. Canty can provide an impact pass rush while in a rotation with Haloti Ngata or he can stick outside at end in the 3-4.

Kansas City signs DL Mike DeVito (3 years $12.6 million)

- DeVito was the glue guy for the Jets and their aging defense. He played both tackle and end. I feel happy for him escaping the media circus that is the current state of the Jets into a more stable environment in Kansas City.

Green Bay tenders CB Sam Shields (2nd round tender)

- Shields is an up and coming star corner that could've argued he was Green Bay's best defender at times. With the tender put on him, teams will hesitate to trade for him as the Packers are notoriously good drafters under the Ted Thompson regime. I'd have given him a look had the 2nd round tender not been placed on him.

Raiders cut S Michael Huff and WR DHB

- Yeah one former Texas safety is too rich for my blood, much less two of them on the same team.

Additional notes:

- The contract given out to Mike Wallace by the Dolphins is beyond ridiculous for a one trick pony who can't even catch that well. Jeff Ireland being Jeff Ireland

- The Ravens won't be the same without Ellerbe and Kruger. There's no way they can maintain any semblance of continuity with all those losses. They've become the new Peyton era Colts by overpaying for Joe Flacco.

- Jim Wyatt has tweeted that Lions DT Sammie Lee Hill will likely sign tomorrow upon visiting Nashville. Another huge coup for the front office on what has been a banner day for the franchise.

- The Darrelle Revis drama is close to equaling the epic fail that was the Dwight Howard drama. Just end it either way already.