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NFL Free Agency 2013: Jared Cook Signs With St. Louis Rams

Jeff Fisher snags a familiar face.

Scott Cunningham

When Jeff Fisher and the Titans parted ways, one thing pretty much all interested parties could agree on is that Fisher screwed himself pretty regularly by investing heavily in guys who were better athletes than football players (Pacman, Chris Henry, Andre Woolfolk, etc). One might think that a year off might have given him time to reflect on how that plan worked out.

Guess not.

Reports (reliable ones, finally) are that Jared Cook has agreed to terms with the St. Louis Rams. Early indications are that it's a 5-year deal, and it's surely going to be for a boatload more cash than the Titans would consider paying him.

Who knows, maybe Cook blows-up in St. Louis, but if I'm a Rams fan, I'm nervous about Fisher making the same old mistakes again...