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2013 NFL Free Agency: Titans interested in Danny Amendola

Adam Schefter reports the Titans are interested.


Per Adam Schefter, the Titans are interested in bringing WR Danny Amendola aboard. It would be an interesting move to snatch him away from the Patriots clutches should they fail to agree to terms with Wes Welker. The Rams wide receiver has been pretty much the only threat on the outside for St. Louis for a few year and Sam Bradford's safety valve. It's apparent that he wanted out of town when Fisher and company weren't going to pay him what he wanted, could and should the Titans pony up?

Would I sign Amendola? No I wouldn't. He's known for being injured a lot but when healthy is best suited for a slot role. The Titans already have a slot receiver making a significant amount of money in Nate Washington. If the Titans wanted a receiver, they should target a bigger body WR via the draft (I'm looking at you, Cordarrelle Patterson) that can play outside and possibly replace Kenny Britt when his contract is up/has another off the field issue.