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Tennessee Titans News Links: ITS HERE!!!!!

Cary Emondson-US PRESSWIRE

Free Agency begins today and I expect the Titans to make several signings in the next few days. Here's to a great FA period leading to the draft!

PK agrees with a lot of MCM that if both Warmack and Cooper are there, the Titans will take Warmack. I wouldn't expect anything else, after Munch gushed about Chance at the combine.

Even though I fully expect Kyle DeVan to be signed, cut, and resigned about 15 or 20 times next year, for now he and Kevin Matthews are headed for FA. Paul Kuharsky talks about how we will still need depth beyond whatever two starters we bring in.

ESPN In$ider has their list of the top FAs available out.

Vote for Jake as he battles Andrew Luck in the first round of the Madden cover vote.

As posted yesterday, Steve Hutchinson will retire today. We will save about 3.75 million in cap space after the future HoFer's departure.

Mike Keith does a One-on-One interview with new Titans safety George Wilson.

Adam Schein of goes through some good fits between FAs and teams.

The NFC West with its new additions (more to come) will face the AFC South this coming year. It'll be really interesting how we match up against their extremely physical defenses.

Which pass rusher has the most left in the tank? NFL Network has "the answer".

Quote of the Day: "LETS SIGN SOME STUDS" - Ruston Webster