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Titans Free Agency News: Fernando Velasco gets second round tender

The Titans had one positive on the interior of the offensive line last season. Today they all but insured that he will be back with the team in 2013.

Brian A. Westerholt

I knew it wasn't going to be long until there was some news on Fernando Velasco, and now we have. This deal pretty much guarantees that Velasco will be a Titan in 2013 because no team is going to spend a second round pick to get him.

This is a good move for the Titans because he was the one guy on the inside that actually played well last season.

Velasco was an undrafted guy that turned into a very good player. There was a time where the Titans turned a low-round or undrafted guy into a solid player every couple of years. Velasco is the first one since Jacob Bell.