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NFL Free Agency 2013: Would Josh Cribbs be a fit for the Titans?

Cribbs is set to hit the market in a couple of weeks. Should the Titans take a look?

Josh Cribbs staring at another lonely Browns season
Josh Cribbs staring at another lonely Browns season
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The long time Cleveland Brown and dynamic return man/utility player Josh Cribbs is set to be a free agent in March. Could he be an option for the Titans to take a close look at? Let's see if he's a viable alternative option to fix the lackluster return unit.


  • He can be used in multiple ways - For many years, Cribbs was the only offensive player the Browns had that was capable of generating any sort of offense. He was the do it all Darren Sproles/Devin Hester type before those guys became household names.
  • A special teams ace - He would instantly shore up a broken return problem this team seems to have. Cribbs is bigger than Darius Reynaud and much more capable of making smart decisions on returns. How many times did Reynaud take it out of the end zone only to see it end up at the 10 last year? Too many times to count. He has over 12,000 yards in both kick and punt returns along with 11 touchdowns.


  • Is he getting old and are irrelevant? - He will be 30 in June of this year. The question begs itself, is there too much wear and tear on the tires after being pounded repeatedly by defenses since they had no one else worth covering? The kick return game, while still having its benefits, is slowly becoming irrelevant because of the new kickoff rules instituted last year.
  • What kind of contract will he look for? - He has said that he'd take a pay cut recently. The previous contract was 3 years for $20 million, which was almost criminally underpaid considering what he meant to the Browns during those almost constant lean years. The good thing for the Titans is that returners are becoming increasingly devalued (even I could go out there and take kneeldowns in the end zone) and he should be a cheap fix for the return game.

Would I endorse a Josh Cribbs signing by the Titans? Yes, I would if the price is right. He would provide some interesting offensive concepts that Dowell Loggains can play with and finally displace ne'er do well Lavelle Hawkins on the roster. The broken return game would be fixed instantaneously with the signing. Ruston Webster can send free agent to be Darius Reynaud and issues with taking a knee on his merry way. The contract should be moderately priced enough that the Titans can absorb it without issue as the new salary cap was increased to $123.9 million recently.