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Todd McShay 2013 NFL Mock Draft

McShay has the Titans making the pick Jommy approves of, and I think you will as well if you read my reasoning.

Jamie Squire

As fate would have it, Todd McShay has also released a new mock draft (In$ider), and he has the Titans making the intelligent choice with Chance Warmack, OG, Alabama. Obviously my love for Warmack is skewed because he went to Bama, but hear me out on the reasoning- all of the draft experts out there say this a very deep draft, but that it is light on blue chip prospects. Warmack is one of those "blue chip" prospects, and he just so happens to play a position the Titans desperately need to upgrade.

It just makes sense to go ahead and take him here and then get a quality safety in the second round because one of those is going to be there when the Titans pick again. If ever there was a year to take a guard in the first round, this is it.

Here is what McShay had to say about the pick:

Defensive end is a strong possibility, especially with talented rushers like Mingo, Jordan and Moore possibly available. However, Warmack is the best guard prospect in a decade and would help solidify the offensive line in front of young QB Jake Locker. Warmack has an elite combination of strength, mobility and consistency, and he would be the perfect successor to Steve Hutchinson. The Titans are strong at OT with Michael Roos and David Stewart coming back, and Warmack would be a great fit inside.