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Why Should You Listen To Last Night’s MCM Radio

Jommy Returns, and brings the heat!


If you're asking yourself the question from the headline, you obviously didn't listen to last night's show. While Danomite and myself brought the heat up top, for the first time in months we were joined by MCM Übermenschen Jimmy Morris! The brave souls who caught the live show heard the first 30 minutes of Jimmy on the show, but the only way to hear the bonus time talk is to stream it below, or download it via iTunes.

If that's not enough to wet your appetite, here's some of the content you can only get on the show:

  • Our immediate reactions to the news that an arrest was made in the stabbing case in NJ involving Kenny Britt, and police want to talk to our mercurial WR once again.
  • Thoughts on the Titans' possible roster cuts over the next few months.
  • A few non-WRs the Titans should stalk in free agency if they're going to excite the fanbase
  • All three of our thoughts on the Super Bowl wildness.

You can get the full show in the embedded app below, by going to our BTR page or by snagging it on iTunes.

Sorry for not taking callers this week, but I stand by my executive decision to dedicate this show to the MCM Radio Three Musketeers.

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