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Ahmad Bradshaw Released by the New York Giants; Should Titans Take a Look?

Ahmad Bradshaw was released by the New York Giants today. Here is why he would be the perfect complimentary back to CJ.

Al Bello

The New York Giants have released Ahmad Bradshaw today. While I do not expect the Tennessee Titans to bring him in, he might actually be a good fit as a complimentary back to Chris Johnson at the right price. Bradshaw is not yet 27 and was actually effective last year when he was healthy. He averaged 4.6 yards per carry on the season.

The biggest issue with Bradshaw is his health. I asked Ed Valentine of Big Blue View about Bradshaw, and he said that he had broken bones in his foot three times since 2009 and that he just had surgery two weeks ago to fix two broken bones in his right foot.

Valentine also said that Bradshaw is a pretty good receiver out of the backfield and the he might be the best pass blocking-blocking halfback in the league. That is why he would be a perfect target for the Titans because CJ struggles in both of those areas.