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Tennessee Titans News Links: Nate the Great

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Pure Awesome
Pure Awesome
Don McPeak-US PRESSWIRE presents their plays of the year. The Titans get a couple spots in this, including Nate's terrific over the defender's back catch in the Lions game. If you don't like being reminded that "The-Team-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named" won the Superbowl, I suggest skipping the last 30 seconds or so.

Charles Davis gives his players to watch in the combine, which includes South Carolina DE, Devin Taylor, a guy the Titans might be able to get in the later rounds to give some depth at the DE position.

Forbes released their least liked athletes poll. Jay Cutler ranks at #4. Somehow NASCAR racer Kurt Busch makes the list too.

Final NFL Power Rankings for the 2012 season. Spoiler Alert: Titans are 29th.

Paul K. looks at the graphic we've had around MCM lately looking at how our Offense and Defense did relative to what we paid for it. Again our offense was 2nd highest in salary, but 26th in rank.

In$ider Bill Polian takes a look at the best available free agents out there. Lots of intriguing guys we could have interest in.

Paul K then breaks down the free agents from the AFC South.

The Super Bowl made a record number of twitter posts, some 24.1 million. That is incredible.

Quote of the Day: "Man knows so much and does so little." - R. Buckminster Fuller