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NFL Mock Draft 2013: Titans and Kenny Vaccaro

Vaccaro to the Titans is becoming more and more common in mock drafts. As you can see from the picture above, he would come into the NFL as a Titans' ready safety.

Looks a lot like Michael Griffin in that picture.
Looks a lot like Michael Griffin in that picture.
I need to make a confession to everyone here: I am going to have serious trouble rooting for this team if they take Kenny Vaccaro in the first round over Chance Warmack. Some of that might be might Alabama bias and my anti-Texas bias, but that would be a decision that just would not make any sense to me at all. I understand that safety is a huge need, but I have yet to see anyone say that Vaccaro is worthy of the 10th pick.

OK, off my soapbox.

In case you couldn't tell, Josh Norris has the Tennessee Titans taking Vaccaro in his latest mock. Here are his comments on the pick:

Vaccaro offers some positional versatility, after showing he can lock down explosive slot receivers like Tavon Austin or roaming in the deep half. Teams will start looking for antidotes to matchup with joker offensive weapons. Vaccaro can do that for the Titans while being an every down player.
Honestly, I would rather the Titans take anyone else at 10 and trade back up into the first round, if need be, to get a guy like Matt Elam or Eric Reid. Norris doesn't have either of those guys going in the first round.