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Report: Gregg Williams NFL Reinstatement Imminent

It sounds like Gregg Williams will be reinstated by the league before the end of the week. He is still expected to join the Titans' staff at that time.


Jason LaCanfora, who misses on stuff Titans' related a lot, is reporting that Gregg Williams is expected to be reinstated by the NFL this week. It is still expected that he will become a member of the Titans coaching staff soon after he is reinstated.

It comes as no surprise that Roger Goodell would wait until after the Super Bowl to reinstate Williams because he didn't want to take any headlines away from the Super Bowl for the last couple of weeks.

I am still very interested to see how the dynamic of the Titans' coaching staff will work with Williams in the mix. Jerry Gray has worked for him at a couple of stops, and Williams will technically have a higher title on the staff than Gray. How is that going to go over with Jerry?

Of course if I am Mike Munchak I don't care what Gray thinks about it, but if I were Mike Munchak, Jerry Gray would no longer have a job.