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Tennessee Titans Salary Cap Figures and Potential Cap Casualties

Cap sits at $19.4 million below the cap limit.


Today the Tennessean posted online that the Titans have the 8th lowest cap number. Even with the guaranteed 10 million due to CJ by Friday, they will still be under 19 million dollars. That mean's plenty of money for the Titans to spend on March 12th, which is only 5 weeks away, I can't wait. What does that mean for certain potential cap casualties like Eugene Amano or Jordan Babinuex? The Titans could free up another 13 million dollars to clear up even more space and make a dent in Free Agency. The Titans could go on a 2012 Tampa Bay Buccaneer spending spree, in which they got G Carl Nicks and WR Vincent Jackson.

Potential and almost certain Cap Casualties.

G/C Eugene Amano is at the front of the list as far as I'm concerned. Coming off a season-ending injury and the season play that was preceded before that, almost guarantees he will be gone. His cap number for the 2013 season would be 3.94 million. That's almost 4 million dollars that could be spent somewhere more useful, like getting Andy Levitre or Brandon Moore.

S Jordan Babineaux is another glaring cap hit. With the horrendous play of the safeties and with Babs inconsistency especially, he could be out the door. He will be 31 at the beginning of the season and you've already got Robert Johnson and Afalava both getting plenty of experience this past season, include Markelle Martin coming off IR, and the impending idea of drafting or picking up a safety in the draft, thinks look bleak for Jordan. He will count 1.6 million against the cap, more money to save.

WR Lavelle Hawkins will count 1.9 million dollars against the cap. I had no idea you could make 1.9 million for such mediocre production. Lavelle hasn't set the world on fire as the Titans 5th wide-receiver. With Marc Marini coming back off IR and the fact we have another KR returner in Reynard, Hawkins release is almost all but certain. I know the Kenny Britt situation makes you think twice of about thinning out the WR's, but all signs point to Britt not being suspended for the situation he was part of earlier this year. So take that 1.9 mill and spend it somewhere else.

Players who could be cap hits, but will probably still be on the roster.

G Steve Hutchinson will be 37 years old and will cost 4.75 million against the cap. Now I know he could almost be a guaranteed cap casualty with that age and price tag, but hear me out. Titans still need leadership and someone a young player can learn from. If all signs point to Chance Warmack or Barrett Jones or Johnathan Cooper being drafted to become our new G for the future, then who better to learn from then a gritty seasoned vet like Hutch.

QB Matt Hasselback will enter the last year of his contract 5.5 million against the cap. That's biggest number for a cap hit (other than CJ), and rightfully so. I know he didn't look like the Matt of old when he played in relief of Jake Locker, still he is a solid backup. As the NFL has progressed through the years and the QB position has evolved, the back-up QB is almost just as important as your starter. So keeping Matt for his last year is essential.

T Mike Otto will 1.7 million against the cap, and he was part of that walking wounded offensive line. With David Stewart going down injured and along with everyone else on the O-line being injured at one point or another this past season, having a decent backup is essential. So I would bank more on Otto staying then being cut for 1.7.

Players to important or valuable to cut.

The biggest number and most important player is Chris Johnson. He will count 10 million against the cap, and I know some people think it wouldn't be a bad idea to free up that money and dump him. Let me say this right now, THAT WOULD BE THE DUMBEST THING TO DO. It would be about as dumb as not letting Steve McNair workout at the facility, which the Titans stupidly did. Bite the bullet and pay the man!

The even more polarizing player the Titans should not make a cap casualty is S Michael Griffin. He will 3.5 million against the cap, and 1 million dollar roster bonus as well by Friday. Bringing his total to 4.5 million. I know most of you on here would hate to see number 33 still on the roster after Friday, but guess what its gonna happen. It should he will be back playing FS and SS which he did this past season, so his play should get better and hopefully he can play at his pro-bowl level he is capable of.

So with the already 19.4 million add on Amano, Babs and Hawkins and that's 26.84 million in cap space. with Hutch potentially Hutch, Hasselback, and Otto that could be 38.79 million. And just for the hell of it here what it would be with CJ and Griff, 53.29 million, but what would we have left on the team? Talk about re-building!