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Silva: Tennessee Titans Roster Ranks 27th in the NFL

Evan Silva ranked all 32 NFL teams. He has the Titans 27th. Is that too high, too low or just right?

Frederick Breedon

Evan Silva, who is one of the best fantasy football analysts out there because he watches a lot of games, has ranked all of the rosters in the league based on talent. He also identified the top four needs of every team in the league. He has the Titans 27th and has their top 4 needs as interior offensive line, safety, quarterback and running back.

Now in my opinion it is a little bit too early to be putting quarterback on that list, but he makes a good point that we have seen nothing from Jake Locker yet to prove that he is going to be an elite quarterback.

Also interesting that he has running back on the list, but you can see the case for needing to add a guy behind Chris Johnson because right now that really don't have anyone.

As for the ranking, I would like to be outraged at how low the Titans are, but if I take a step back and think about it objectively, they are right where they should be. They have the 10th pick in the draft and Vegas has them with the third longest odds to win next year's Super Bowl. They didn't build all of those nice hotels by being stupid.