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Super Bowl Commercials

Bart Starr is the man. Since I have no desire to talk about who won the game, let's talk about the commercials.


It seems that every year the Super Bowl commercials are a let down. I think it is because everyone sets their expectations so high considering each ad costs a katrillion dollars for 30 seconds. Think about it, we hate commercials 364 days a year but think we are magically doing to love them all on Super Bowl Sunday. That is just never the case.

I didn't watch very many commercials last night because we were watching the game on a bit of a tape delay, but I heard they were just OK. SB Nation has a discussion hub for the commercials, so you can jump over here and watch most of them.

It sounds like the normal companies were good- Doritos and Budweiser, but was there anyone else that you thought had a really great commercial last night? What was the worst commercial of the night?

Maybe one year we will be discussing how the Titans played in the game instead of the commercials....