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Titans TE Brandon Barden arrest on DUI

Barden arrested on DUI. His days as a Titan could be about over.

Al Messerschmidt

Jim Wyatt is reporting that Titans TE Brandon Barden has been arrested on a DUI in Georgia. Someone should tell Barden that being an undrafted free agent takes away the ability to be a moron. Kenny Britt doesn't get cut because he has enormous upside. Brandon Barden? Not so much.

The Titans, of course, are still gathering the facts according to Wyatt.

There really was no reason to keep Barden on this roster before the DUI. He is, at best, the 4th best tight end on the roster, and since this isn't 1894 anymore, there really isn't any reason to have that many tight ends on the roster.

This, of course, is heartbreaking for August West who is dying for a Vanderbilt player to be successful with the Titans. If only they had drafted D.J. Moore instead Ryan Mouton a few years ago he would already have that. Thanks, Jeff Fisher!