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NFL Mock Draft 2013: Seven rounds for the Tennessee Titans

Lotulelei's stock took a big hit at the combine with the heart issue. That could be a benefit for the Titans.

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

Josh Mitchell has put out another mock, and this time it is a seven-rounder. These guys that crank out seven round mock drafts have my utmost respect. It takes me an hour or so to do one round. It would take me a week to do seven.

Anyway, Mitchell has the Titans taking Star Lotulelei, DT, Utah. As I said the other day, this pick is becoming more and more common after the report that he may or may not have a heart condition at the combine.

Here is part of what Mitchell had to say:

I think Tennessee is getting a steal here if he is healthy. I think Lotulelei is a potential candidate to go No.1 overall and surely be a Top 5 guy – he processes a nice combination of strength and speed that allows him to get after the quarterback, and disrupt things in the backfield as an interior presence.

Here is how the rest of the draft played out:

2nd round- Barrett Jones, OC, Alabama

3rd round- Montee Ball, RB, Wisconisn

4th round- Trevardo Williams, DE, UConn

5th round- Dwayne Gratz, BD DB, UConn

7th round- Larry Wester, DE, Bloomsburg