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NFL Draft Rumors: Chance Warmack to the Oakland Raiders?

Silly season is upon us. Don't believe anything you hear the next two months.


Draft season is always interesting. I say it every year about this time, but you cannot believe anything you hear from anyone for the next two months. Teams are going to constantly be putting out smokescreens to try and keep their true intentions from other teams.

This morning, I read on the NFL rumor central site that the Oakland Raiders might be interested in Chance Warmack with the third pick*. We have spent all of this time pondering whether or not a guard is worth the 10th pick, and now some people are talking about him going as high as three.

Ultimately, I think the odds are pretty good that Warmack is still on the board when the Titans pick, and my gut feeling is that they pass on him- even though I think that would be a huge mistake. A do understand why the guard position has been devalued in today's NFL, but this team is so desperate for interior line help that their board should be different.

*Let's get for real though, the Radiers aren't going to take Warmack at 3 because he didn't run the fastest 40 at his position.