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NFL Combine 2013: Does Star Lotulelei have a heart condition?

Loutelei failed his combine physical because of a heart condition....or did he?

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So word broke on Saturday that Star Lotulelei had a heart condition and would leave the combine because he had failed a physical. The draft world freaked out and everyone dropped him way down their boards. Last week he was going in the top 5. Now he is going 15-20.

Well it turns out that maybe Star doesn't have a heart condition at all. The USA today is reporting that the issue with the medical test could be because of dehydration:

The person said it's hoped that it's not a heart condition but rather dehydration, too much sodium in his diet or rapid weight loss in a short timeframe that prompted tests to reveal his heart wasn't pumping at full capacity. Lotulelei dropped almost 10 pounds in three days recently, in part because of the hectic schedule of traveling to the combine and the long days in Indianapolis.

This is something to keep an eye on because he could be a guy the Titans would target at 10 if he were still on the board.